Can You Find Cat Training Tricks In An Cat Training Book?

So once you find out that cats can be trained you may be wondering what you can train them to do. Donít expect your cat to fetch, roll-over or play dead like a dog. Thatís why in any good cat training book you wonít find a chapter of training your cat to play fetch. But some cat training tricks can be learned if youíre using your catís own nature. When trying to do cat training tricks you must keep in mind that cats arenít like dogs and are not as eager to please their owners as dogs are. A good cat training book will explain that cats are independent creatures and can sometimes be even downright aloof.

cat training tricks

So you must keep in mind when attempting to do cat training tricks about your own catís nature. This you will find more about in any good cat training book you read. Cats wonít just jump for your amusement, but they will jump if they want to get on top of something. They wonít fetch a ball like a dog will, but they will chase something that reminds them of their prey. Trying to do cat training tricks that will go against his inner nature and instincts will not show any success.

A good cat training book will tell you to be reasonable when attempting cat training tricks because you canít train your cat to do things that your dog would do. Cat training tricks from natural behaviors is the best way. In zoos you can often see a lion that would jump for his food. These are part of a catís normal behavior which makes it easier for cat training tricks. Having a cat training book is useful if you want to teach cat training tricks to your kitty, since it will show you how to go about this training.

Learning about your catís natural behaviors from a cat training book is a good start to performing cat training tricks. You want your cat training to be molded on those natural behaviors. So reading a cat training book will tell you what his natural behaviors are. Some examples can include that cats like to jump and climb things and also are quick to chase their prey. Chasing a tennis ball rolling down the neighborhood is in fact because your catís natural instinct to hunt down its prey. The cat training tricks you do may seem like tricks, but are actual modified natural behaviors. Of course, I canít emphasize enough the importance of a good cat training book when attempting any kind of cat training whether its cat litter training or cat training tricks, or whatever. I highly suggest you check out the ďEasy Cat Training Home Study CourseĒ since it contains all the information for training your cat. The course contains the cat training book ďEasy Cat Training GuideĒ and the audio course ďHouse Training A CatĒ and maybe a bonus if you order now.