Make Sure to Do Your Part When Litter Training a Cat

Do you know what your part is when litter training a cat? Just get a litter box and put it somewhere your cat can find it ? It may be an easy guess you think since cats usually gravitate toward using a litter box when relieving themselves, but there is much more to the process. There are some things a cat owner must do to make litter training a cat a success.

First of all, when litter training a cat you need to keep the box very clean. Many of the cat owners out there don't understand this and just think that because a cat is just an animal then he won't mind what shape his toilet is, but this is certainly not true. Cats are sensitive creatures when it comes to the condition of their "bathroom", which needs to be cleaned out daily and filled with fresh litter as well. It's important to know that felines are also very sensitive to smell aswell. Knowing this, make sure that the litter box is emptied and washed thoroughly at least once per week. This also means that you need to be sensitive to odors yourself when litter training a cat - if you can smell it, so can your cat.

litter training a cat takes patience

It can be quite helpful if you provide two boxes when litter training a cat so that one will not be as dirty so quickly and the cat can become more comfortable when using it. If the box is clean, not smelly and then kitty will be more comfortable for and more likely to use it.

Another cat training secret about litter training a cat is to reward and praise your cat when he does use the box. This will make the act of using the box pleasant for him. Also, when litter training a cat get a feel about the time when he'll need to use the box, such as an hour or so after eating. Take him to the litter box and give him a special treat even if he doesn't use it to further associate the box with something pleasant. It does however require your patience when litter training a cat. It may take up to two weeks before he'll start using it on his own.

Make sure that when litter training a cat you're not upset or fustrated because this will also upset your cat and slow down the litter training a cat process because he'll associate using the box with your tension. Or at least don't let your cat pick up on your emotions even if you do feel fustrated. You don't want your cat to pick up on mixed signals or confuse your cat in any way. So do your part and your cat will be trained in no time! I would also recommend you go ahead and check out the Easy Cat Training Home Study Course for a complete course on training your cat the right way. Your cat will love you for it!