Cat Behavior Problem - Can It Be Solved?

A cat can actually turn into a wild beast if you donít train him properly, or worse, if you mislead him. A cat behavior problem can easily turn into a nightmare if you donít know how to deal with it properly.

Usually when you bring a new kitty to your house he or she needs to adapt to the new place. Cats are still animals, and they canít communicate verbally with us to ask questions. During this new-home stage, kitty can easily develop what we call cat behavior problem, meaning having a behavior which we donít want them to have. This cat behavior problem can really take the joy out of having a cat. So when little kitty tries to adapt to his new home, while trying to communicate with you in any way he can, this cat behavior problem can also turn into a manipulation towards the owner.

cat behavior problem

If kitty starts whining, jumping up and down, excessive meowing the owner might interpret this several ways, most of which not likely to be accurate. For example the owner thinks that heís hungry when heís not, or wants to go out, or wants you to open the door for him, heíll take a note of that and every time he wants a particular result from you heíll do that same cat behavior problem.

One thing you must keep in mind. You are training your cat, not the other way around. So you must certainly NOT reward a cat behavior problem because this, in turn, will create the cat behavior problem to aggravate. What you must do, in turn, which I believe are actually the basics of training a kitten is reward him for good behavior, and NOT reward him for any cat behavior problem. You must make your displeasure known to him by raising your voice or ignoring him, but not actually physically hurt him. Cats love attention, and ignoring him is quite a punishment for him. Punishing him physically will not solve the cat behavior problem.

You must also make your cat respect you and not let him toy you around. Cats can actually train their owners to make whatever they please by observing how they react to cat behavior problem, if you reward him when having one of his cat behavior problem moments, heíll make sure to use it next time when he wants that reward or attention from you.

One great way to gain the respect of your cat and establish yourself as the authority is to start carrying your cat from here to there just like his mother would do. Grab him by the scruff of the neck and carry him from one place to another regularly. Or whenever you want to carry him, you can do it like that. This area behind his neck is quite strong and wouldnít hurt him.

Having the respect of your cat is actually very important if you want to fix any of his cat behavior problem, because if he knows he can manipulate you anytime he wants to, then of course he can feel he can do whatever he wants.

So make sure when you bring a new kitty in home that you first get his respect before any training. Make sure you carry him by the scruff of the neck at least a week regularly in the beginning and also make sure you NOT reward any cat behavior problem if it appears. Having a new kitty in the house can be quite a rewarding thing if heís properly trained. I would advise you to check out the ďEasy Cat Training Home Study CourseĒ for a complete course on training your cat the right way.