Kitty Training For Your New Kitten

Itís very important when you bring kitty home, to take kitty through a kitty training phase in which you will make him understand the house rules, and how his behavior should be like, whatís accepted and whatís not. Not having this kitty training in place can actually make a whole lot of chaos in your house and in your life.

So, you decided to get a kitty into your home. There are millions of homes with cats that are thought of as part of the family, and in some cultures cats were even worshiped as being divine. Children especially love kittens and their inquisitive natures. But living in harmony with your new house member will require some kitty training for him.

kitty training

Of course, you would need to do some kitty training for your new family member. If you havenít considered it yet, you may soon find out that not having kitty training for your cat can actually be a very bad mistake. Cats like to scratch things, and get their claws into things, and are not really social animals like dogs. So not having a kitty training phase after you bring kitty home could mean the end a hundred dollar sofa or other valuable items in your household.

Cats are not like dogs, so kitty training is really a different training than dog training. Kitty isnít really an obedient animal, not to mention that he does like it his way. You need to earn the respect of your new kitty before trying to begin any kitty training. Training a dog is pretty much straight forward, but cats are more sensible, and punishing them for bad behavior, like you would with a dog, might make your relationship with him diminish. Thatís why you need to educate yourself about kitty training beforehand, so that you know how to act in any situation. Cats interpret things differently than dogs. Simply yelling a cat while heís up the counter will not tell him why youíre upset, heíll just see that youíre upset and leave, but without thinking he shouldnít do that anymore.

Kitty training is very different from training a dog. So you must understand how cats think and act, what their nature is and use that to train him easily. Kitty training will require your persistence because it wonít happen over night.

Cats are more independent than dogs or other animals. While some might see their independence as a bad thing, cat owners appreciate that they're not as "needy" as other pets that need constant attention. A cat owner can be gone during the day and as long as there is food and water, the cat may not even notice. This makes cats a better pet for someone that works as they don't feel as if they're neglecting their pet simply by having a life.

As independent as they are, cats do like to play and interact as well. The right toy can keep a kitten or even adult cat occupied for hours on their own, but they too appreciate their owner getting right down on the floor, playing with them. A windup mouse or even a laser pointer can keep the cat stalking and pouncing for hours at a time, bringing amusement to everyone in the home. And of course cats can be very affectionate, curling up in their owner's lap and turning on their purr machines for literally hours. There's just nothing like a cat in the lap to calm you after a long and stressful day.

So keep in mind that a cat is NOT a dog and kitty training is VERY different from dog training. While training a dog is quite easy because itís straightforward, kitty training is quite not that obvious and can lead the owner into more and more chaos in the house if not done properly.

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