Important Tips for Cat Litter Training

Usually when you get a cat home from a pet store or a shelter he's already quite practiced at using the litter box, but if your kitten is having difficult with house breaking you'll need to do some cat litter training. This isn't as easy as most owners assume it is. So how does cat litter training work? Most owners assume that cats will naturally relieve themselves in the box without much hassle, bu this isn't always true. You don't want make mistakes that will only elongate the cat litter training process.

Most owners when cat litter training make the mistake of yelling or punishing their cat when it relieves himself on the carpet or other areas of the house. Unless they are actually catching the cat in the act, this technique, misused by many, will be ineffective and can actually hurt your relationship with your cat. Not to mention it won't contribute to the whole cat litter training process because the cat simply won't understand what you're upset about. Cat's won't really associate the two separate events such as when they relieved themselves on the carpet and the fact that you are yelling on them right now. Instead, a recommended technique when cat litter training is that you want to concentrate on rewarding the positive, meaning when they do use the litter box. Give them a special treat that they only get when they do use it, every time. Cats respond better to rewards than they do to punishment so it's important to keep this in mind when cat litter training.

cat litter training

You also need to keep in mind your own habits when cat litter training. Just because they;re animals doesn't mean that they don't like a clean "bathroom" like us humans. Actually, cats are a bit fussy when it comes to their own "toilet". They don't like to have their "toilet" near their food, or where humans eat. So don't keep the litter box right off the kitchen. They also don't like a lot of commotion near their box and want to enjoy their privacy. These things are very important when cat litter training if you want to be successful. Make sure the box is in a private place that doesn't get a lot of foot traffic and keep their very clean. The box usually needs to be scooped out once a day and completely emptied and washed once per week because cats are very sensitive creatures when it comes to odors and f their box spells of urine or waste at all, they can avoid using it and eliminate in areas of the house instead.

Remember that cat litter training takes time and this will require patience, but it can be done. Your cat needs to be rewarded constantly for a job well done and then you'll have a well-trained cat in the end that regularly uses the box. If you want a complete system on how to train your cat then you should go now and buy Easy Cat Training Home Study Course. It's a beautiful package and contains more information on cat litter training all the information you need for training your cat.