Why Cat Training is Harder Than Kitten Training

Kitten training is much easier than cat training Have you ever seen anything cuter than a kitten? They are some of the most adored animals on this planet and loved by millions of people worldwide as a favorite pet and member of the family. But when getting a new cat you'll have to do some serious serious kitten training. They aren't born knowing how to use the litter box or to come when you call him, and their curious nature can make some serious chaos in your home. Once you get a cat it's very important to be fully committed to kitten training him because it's much easier than when he'll be a full grown cat.

When you're attempting to train an adult cat rather than kitten training, it's very possible that he's already very strict in his ways and may also lack the additional energy and drive that a small kitten does. Kitten training is much easier than cat training because small kittens haven't yet learned some behaviors we might consider negative, that when adult cat training they'll need to unlearn that. An example can be that kittens haven't yet learned to have a fear dogs and other animals and so they may accept your other house pets more easily. But trying to make an adult cat accept a dog or a new cat in the house can be a pain. While kitten training, they are usually more open to these household changes and other animals so you simply need to let them get adapted, rather than trying to make them overcome their fear and aggression the way you would do with an full-grown cat.

Another reason why cat training is more difficult than kitten training is because the older cats are generally lack energy. They may often not care about what you're trying to teach them and they may happily ignore you by taking a nap rather than listening to you. But kittens are more energetic and ready to play, which can be used when kitten training him. When training your kitten to use the litter box be sure to give him rewards and the attention he craves when he does. This will make him want to use it more and it will become a pleasant experience for him making your kitten training goals a success. But if you're trying to train a full grown cat, he might not need the extra attention and not care. This is one more reason why kitten training is just so much easier than cat training.

That's why it's great if you can start kitten training as very early if possible. If you already have a full-grown then it can be quite a pain and you need to keep in mind more training factors. It also means that cat training must be adapted to your cats personality rather than kitten training where a kitten just starts developing his personality. When your kitten is young you can teach him many things such as using the litter box and avoiding certain areas of the home, like the electricity wires and whatever else he needs to learn to grow up being a safe and healthy cat.

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