Learn kitty litter training to get a potty train cat

Itís very important to learn kitty litter training if you ever want a potty train cat and if you donít want to struggle with kitty litter training down the road. If you want to potty train cat then you need to start early, as early as possible. So starting the kitty litter training process when kitty is still a small kitten is a very good idea. This will make the whole kitty litter training easy and smooth because it wonít be a full grown cat that has his own set ways.

kitty litter training

You must keep in mind that even though your kitten is small and young he still has his own nature. So you need to do your part as well if you want a potty train cat. What I mean by that is that cats do like their privacy when it comes to their toilet. So you must keep this in mind when you decide where to put the litter box at the beginning of the kitty litter training. Cats also donít like to relieve themselves in the same place they eat or humans eat. Thatís another thing to keep in mind when kitty litter training. Also, you need to make sure that the litter box is at all times clean and not smelly. Cats do like a clean bathroom and if you want a potty train cat you must provide that for them. This is essential for the kitty litter training process. And of course, donít keep the box in an area where he doesnít know how to get there. Your cat might not be all familiar with your house yet, so donít put it too far away. So you must understand that these are all things that you must do in order for kitty litter training to be effective. Having a potty train cat is only a reality if you do your work to.

Then there is another thing to keep in mind to successfully potty train cat. You need to avoid at all costs punishing your cat. Although this training method might be effective for dogs, it certainly isnít for cats and if you want a potty train cat then trust me on this. Rather reward your cat for the behavior you do want. So when your kitty uses the litter box then give him a special treat to reward him. Giving him a special treat will also make using the litter box more enjoyable and this will help in the kitty litter training process.

So the actual kitty litter training is that whenever you think your cat might want to go to the bathroom to take him to the litter box straight away. Sometimes after he just ate, or an hour after he ate just take him there and see what happens. Give him a treat even if he doesnít use the litter box to train him to be a potty train cat by making that place enjoyable. I also recommend you go check out the ďEasy Cat Training Home Study CourseĒ for an entire course on training your cat from start to finish. All the cat training secrets you need to know are inside.