Important Tips for Cat Collar Training

Cats aren't as like dogs. Taking a cat for walks the way you would with your dog isn't the same. You will probably need to do some cat collar training beforehand if you ever want this to be possible. Cats don't like to be restricted or confined so they might reject their collar when you first present it to them. That's why it is important for cat collar training. You must make their new collar something they like first. Knowing that cats don't really enjoy being confined I'm going to tell you some quick tips to best approach this subject of cat collar training. So lets get started.

Yes, putting a collar around your cat's neck may be difficult. Cats like to be free animals and don't usually like things that confine them so it would take some time and cat collar training for them to get used to it. When you first present him with his collar, make sure you're in a calm state yourself since your cat is sensitive to your emotions also. Speaking soothingly to him and petting him is recommended for cat collar training. Give him a special treat, one that he only gets when he has the collar on. Let him get used to it for a few minutes and let him walk around with it. Don't just put it on and leave it on. Be very gentle and not sharp or abrupt. Like I said, cats are very sensitive to your emotions also.

cat collar training

In the beginning week or so of the cat collar training process be sure to only let the collar on your cat for a few minutes a day, every day. Ten to fifteen minutes is fine in the first day, then increase that amount in 5 minutes increments for the first week of cat collar training. Make sure you always pet him and give him a special treat before you put his collar on and after you take it for being a good kitty. Be sure you go at your cat's own pace to make this cat collar training a success. Don't force him. If he starts getting disturbed by it then don't let him keep it on him too much. The idea behind cat collar training is to make the collar enjoyable for the cat and not hate it.

After a week of doing this it may be a good idea to test and leave the collar on for a few hours and see how the cat reacts. Again keep in mind praising your cat and giving him special treats, because this is very important. We want to make kitty like his new collar. The training should not take more than a week or two, depending on your cat. If more then you're doing something wrong. Most of all make sure you keep in mind to have patience with your cat during this cat collar training process, because it's not just work on your cat's part but on you part as well. Remember cat collar training is not forcing your cat to do it. I really recommend you now go ahead and buy Easy Cat Training Home Study Course because its a system from start to finish on how to successfully train your cat the easy way. It will teach you everything you need to know about cat training.