Are Cat Training Books Of Any Use ?

If you are considering to be a cat owner or have very little experience in being one then you might be pleased to find out that cats can be trained. Sure, what most owners do when they hear that cats can be trained will try to train their cats like they do with dogs. This is not a good decision and soon theyíll say that cats canít be trained or itís hard to train them. Cats can actually be trained, and training them is easy if you have the right information on how to train your cat. Thatís why cat training books are important. They can give you cat behavior advice which is important. If you read cat training books you can learn how cats think, act, and react to certain factors. This and the cat behavior advice is very important if you plan to learn how to train your cat.

Cats and dogs are very different creatures. Thatís why their training isnít the same. You canít use the same training principles you would for your dog to train your cat. You need some cat training books and some cat behavior advice if you really want to know how to train your cat. You need to know what you should train your cat and what not. Donít expect your cat to perform any tricks for you no matter how much cat training books you read or how much you learn on how to train your cat.

So let me give you some cat behavior advice on what you should train your cat do to and what you should take your mind away from when learning how to train your cat. These are just some important examples:

Easy Cat Training Guide

Cat Behavior Advice 1: So letís start with what cats canít do. Cats will not fetch, jump through hoops, and roll over, and so on. Any cat training books that tell you how to train your cat to do tricks donít probably understand the catís inner nature.

Cat Behavior Advice 2: Learn how to train your cat to have a bath.

Cat Behavior Advice 3: Gain the respect of your cat. This is very important before you apply what you learn in cat training books. Cats wonít listen to you if they donít respect you, and everything you learn about how to train your cat will be in vain if it doesnít work.

Cat Behavior Advice 4: Learn how to train your cat to use the litter box. You might want to really consider this if you are planning on keeping your kitty indoors. Any good cat training books will show you how to do this.

Cat Behavior Advice 5: Prevent your cat from eating your house plants or chewing on electrical wires. This is for both your catís safety and keeping your lovely plants intact.

Cat Behavior Advice 6: Learn how to train your cat to stop jumping on counters or tables. This might be debatable for some cat owners, but itís important to keep in mind that while he might look cute sometimes, he doesnít know on what heíll land. He might easily break something or land on your new fresh cookies.

Cat Behavior Advice 7: If you want to keep your furniture intact for a few more years you should learn how to train your cat to stop scratching & clawing.

These are the main important ones you should learn when looking for information on how to train your cat. Any cat training books will have these included. Of course there are many others like: leash training, brushing his teeth, nail clipping, etc. A good cat training course I highly recommend you go ahead and buy now is ďEasy Cat Training Home Study CourseĒ. It contains all Iíve mentioned above and even more information. If you want to learn how to train your cat from start to finish this is a great system that covers everything. Visit the link and find out more.