Don't Forget These Tips During Cat Training

Cat training tips If you just got a new cat and are interested in cat training you might find out now that cats aren't as trainable as dogs are and their thinking works very differently than any other animals. They have independence which makes them good pets for someone that doesn't always have time to play with them and give them attention, but their independence also makes the cat training process very difficult. Unlike dogs who enjoy to please their owners, cats do want attention and affection from their owners but don't want to perform any tricks for it.

If you start to understand how cats think, then cat training is going to be much easier, because you will start to mold your cat training on their thinking. Understanding what your cat likes and what he responds to and approaching your cat and his training by knowing the way he thinks will will show you that training is easier and more effective.

For example, punishing your cat doesn't work the way it does with dogs so it's very important to reward your cat rather than trying to punish him if you want cat training success. Cats don't associate what happen 2 hours ago and why you're punishing him now. They have a very short memory and often cannot connect the incident. He'll just think that you're very unpleasant to be around; he probably won't think that if he wouldn't relieve himself on the carpet then you wouldn't yell at him anymore. So rather reward him for proper behavior during cat training to encourage that behavior which you want him to perform more, like when he uses the litter box. Positive reinforcement is usually more effective during cat training than punishment. Give him treats as you are clipping his nails rather than yelling at him when he doesn't stay put or runs away.

During the cat training it's also important to not confuse your feline and be consistent with what you do. If he's on the counter, then get him down each and every time he gets up there and don't put his food up there. If you want to teach him not to bite then you should keep your hands away from his face and mouth to not trigger any protective reflexes. If you start confusing your cat your cat training will be useless and ineffective. A cat is still an animal, so his natural predatory and protective instincts are difficult for him to ignore if they are triggered, so if your cat training conflicts with these instincts you're probably not going to be very successful.

But if you keep in mind these important tips with cat training and you're consistent, learn more how he thinks and what motivates him, then the cat training process will be easy. But keep in mind that cats aren't dogs so don't try to be too demanding and ask him to perform tricks. If you keep all these things in mind with your cat training, you're sure to be successful. If you havenít yet bought the ďEasy Cat Training Home Study CourseĒ I suggest you go ahead and buy it right away. It will teach you everything you need to know on cat training.