In my FREE Minicourse, "Secrets to raising a happy, healthy cat", you'll discover:

  • How the way you act and react arround your cat will affect him. Belive it or not, your cat is very sensitive to how you are feeling.
  • How to NOT train cats. This is where most owners FAIL when trying to train cats. Not knowing these mistakes could actually hurt your relationship with your cat and slow the cat training process. Are you doing these same mistakes ?
  • Are you mis-training your cat ? Most people are installing negative behaviors in their cat without even realising it. Are you doing the same ?
  • Are you getting on your cat's nerves ? Are you trying to make your kitty do things it doesn't want to do?
  • Are you seriously taking responsibility for your cat or are you neglecting his basic needs? This is essential for any cat training.
  • Are you fulfilling your cat's emotional needs or are you punishing it for it's attempt to communicate with you ? You need to have this in mind to kitty train.
  • Are you too demanding of your cat or is he/she too controling of you? There is a slight difference which would determine your success when attempting to train kitty.
  • Is your cat using tactics to get what he wants every time from you? Cats like to get it their way and can adjust their behavior to make their owner do what kitty wants.
  • And much, much more.